Kyle Torney

Kyle Torney

kyle Torney - fine art, fresco & street art.

St Arnaud based artist from Australia

Kyle Torney, is a muralist and oil painter who has been building a name for himself in the street art scene, and works currently being displayed at the New York Art Gallery. Painting his Renaissance-inspired works on walls around Australian towns, telling local stories with intricate detail. Kyle Torney is an Australian artist born and raised in the small country town of St Arnaud.

...works sold thru New York art galleries.

Despite being surrounded by the vast Australian bushland Kyle Torney prefers to focus his attention on people and telling their story through “narrative portraiture”. Torney is a self taught artist heavily influenced by Davinci, Carravagio and John Singer Sergant. Recently Kyle completed 2 forty foot silo murals in his home town depicting locals during the gold rush period.

St. Arnaud - Australia

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